Regulations and Alcohol Service Policy


Following are a host of regulations that apply to all groups or individuals hosting events with alcoholic beverages on campus:

  • All liquor served and/or consumed at a licensed event must be purchased through one of the University’s liquor sales licences. No other liquor may be brought into or consumed at any function covered by this policy. Therefore, liquor purchased by non-authorized individuals or groups at local liquor stores or donated by a producer/manufacturer’s representative cannot be sold or consumed at any function on campus.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within the approved area designated for the event.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be present at any event with alcohol service.
  • Admission to events will be limited to the authorized number of people established by the occupancy load of the facility. Liquor functions can be held only in authorized rooms.
  • Bartenders are not to serve more than two drinks per customer at a time. Bartenders must be Smart Serve compliant. Bartenders retain the right to ask for I.D. and have authority to refuse service to anyone who:
    • is underage
    • may appear or is, in fact, intoxicated
    • is unruly
    • is a nuisance.
  • For any event using tickets, a limited number of tickets can be given depending on the time and duration of the function.
  • Service of alcohol for events may only take place between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 a.m.
  • No activity shall be permitted that would promote immoderate consumption of alcohol (self-serve or unlimited bars). No group associated with Brock University may sell tickets that give the holder access to an unspecified number of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol Service Policy

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has granted Brock University a liquor sales licence. All functions involving the sale or distribution of liquor on campus shall be governed by the provisions of the Liquor Licence Act and be subject to any restrictions contained in the University’s liquor sales licence. In addition, events need to adhere to the Brock University Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Service Policy.

Events with liquor service shall abide by Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) regulations and Brock University’s procedures under the Alcohol Policy with regards to training, service and consumption of alcohol. No alcohol is to be sold on campus except by the University (and its authorized contractors) and BUSU and in accordance with the aforementioned alcohol policies. Companies are prohibited from selling and/or delivering alcohol on campus except as arranged by BUSU or Hospitality Services.

While permitting reasonable consumption of alcohol in certain circumstances, the University discourages use and encourages responsibility on the part of those who choose to drink. The University is committed to promoting the health and well-being of the University population. All members of the University population, including all students, staff, visitors and guests have an obligation to make responsible decisions concerning alcohol.

The University has two liquor licences for the main campus. One licence is held by the Vice-President Finance and Administration (operated/controlled by Hospitality Services), and the second is held by the Brock University’s Students’ Union. The licence holders have the ultimate responsibility for the formulation and ongoing review of procedures to regulate the retail, service, consumption and possession of alcohol at the University. Additionally, they are responsible for the renewal and extension of licences and the monitoring of licensed premises and events, as well as the prevention of violations of the Liquor Licence Act. The consumption of alcohol on campus in licensed areas is governed by the AGCO. The consequences of failing to comply with this policy or with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission regulations could result in charges or suspension of privileges. Individuals are responsible, and will be held accountable for, understanding and complying with University policies and criminal and provincial laws related to alcohol.

A Hospitality Services Bar Service Request form must be completed and approved for any events to be held on campus. If the desired space is managed by BUSU, a booking must be placed through them. All rules and regulations hereafter relate specifically to events produced by Hospitality Services. However, most regulations will also apply to any event managed by BUSU.