Blog 8: Thoughts I had While Attending the CUCCOA Central Regional Meeting

Written by Jessica Petrella

In February, our team attended the annual CUCCOA Central Region meetingWhile we attend this meeting every year, this time was different as it was a virtual event. CUCCOA stands for the Canadian University and Colleges Conference Organizers Association. This is a mini conference of all the conference coordinators and managersConfused yet? You’d be right in thinking “a conference for conference organizers?” …yes, that is a thing! 

During this year’s virtual event, my mind wandered to a far-off place, which to be honest isn’t that strange considering this past year and everything COVID has thrown at us. 

My first thought was, “Am I the only one wearing track pants?”  I guess I will never knowThe wonderful thing about virtual events is that you can attend in comfortable attireDressy on top, cozy on the bottom…that’s the way it is for most and I am not complaining at all 

I was also thinking “is this the way our conference will be each year?”  Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has a real answer to thatI would like to think that this is temporary, and we will all be faceto-face in the near futureBut how soon will that beThis conference is a terrific way for all of us professionals to connect and network, share our ideas, and brainstorm new ones. I am longing for a day when we can all meet in person again. 

The last thought that ran through my racing mind was how grateful I wasGrateful that we have the technology to be able to still conduct business virtually20 years ago, there would have been a vastly different outcome. I am grateful that I work in an industry with such awesome people who share the same passion that our team does and who understand the struggles that we are all facing right nowAnd most importantly grateful that I am still able to be a part of this annual event no matter how different it may look this year. 

Maybe the 2022 conference will look the same or differentWhatever it looks like, I can’t wait to be a part of it again!