Blog 6: 2021 Event Trends

2021 Event Trends – What Can We Expect in the World of Events?

Written by: Jessica Petrella 

Last year has made us all think creatively about different ways to move forward with business. The way that we’re used to hosting and attending events is currently off the table. And while we are all optimistic that the old way of doing things will return, it will be a while before industry trends go back to “normal.” 

So, what can we expect in the event world for 2021? Well, it’s safe to say that planning and creating events will still happen, but it will be done a little different this year. 

Staying Closer to Home: You can expect travelers and groups to stay closer to where they live and avoid air travel. Destinations within driving distance are a safer bet. 

Revised capacities and seating arrangements: Banquet spaces and meeting rooms with large capacities and close seating will be outdated. These spaces will need to be transformed with less seating and more room between chairs. 

Hybrid Events: Although it’s expected that inperson events will resume, some delegates may still have hesitation to be in attendance. Offering an event that is both in person and virtual will be beneficial for all delegates to get the opportunity to attend. 

More Outdoor Events: If the weather permits, outdoor events will be preferred. Open air space gives event goers more peace of mind instead of being in a confined space. 

Increased Sanitation Procedures: It will be expected that extra cleaning will be taking place in any event space that is used. Hand washing and sanitizer stations are also necessary throughout the event space. 

Pre-Event Testing: While rapid testing is not available at every location, this may be something we will see sooner rather than later. You can expect event attendees to have a rapid test on site or have a test done prior to arrival.  

Limited-Service Events: We can expect that events will be simplified with little person to person contact.  

Swag Bags: Delegates will want to avoid bringing anything home that may be a germ collector.”  Some event planners will send e-cards or mail a gift to your house.  

Reach out to Brock University Conference and Event Services to help you with event planning. We can help you navigate the new normal by creating and executing exceptional events.