Brock University’s Community Engagement Strategic Plan: Regional Community Builder

The new Community Engagement Strategic Plan builds on and strengthens Brock’s history of community collaboration in the Niagara region and beyond. Community engagement will support each of Brock’s strategic objectives and enhance the life and vitality of our local region and beyond.

The plan has five goals:

  • Foster a culture of meaningful community engagement
  • Support knowledge mobilization
  • An open and accessible community resource
  • Communicate and connect with the community
  • Support experiential learning and educational pathways

Brock University’s Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2025

Brock’s strategic plan highlights our shared vision, mission, values and priorities that will lead Brock forward to 2025. The realization of these strategic priorities will advance Brock as a comprehensive university that offers a transformational and accessible academic and university experience; fosters a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization; enhances the life and vitality of our local region and beyond; and further builds the University’s research capacity.

Brock University’s Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) Submission

Brock’s SMA submission to the Ministry of Advanced Skills and Education reaffirmed the University’s commitment to the 21st century student and to transdisciplinary research.  It also highlights its commitment to the development of community partnerships that are driving social and economic development through innovation.

Report of the President’s Task Force on Community Engagement

Brock University’s president asked a group of community figures to evaluate the Univesity’s community engagement and to develop recommendations on how to enhance its future efforts to make an even more significant social, economic and environmental impact on the surrounding communities. The report outlines the Task Force’s recommendations.