TOES Niagara

After years of working together on projects that empower immigrant and racially marginalized women and their families Tools of Empowerment for Success Niagara (TOES Niagara) and Brock University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on May 19, 2021, to formalize and strengthen their ongoing collaborative partnership to co-create mutually beneficial outcomes for Niagara.

Building on years of collaboration, the partnership is a commitment to continued collaboration, mutual exchange of knowledge, resources, and experiences, and exploring student experiential learning opportunities and service in support of the growth of TOES Niagara and Brock University.

“Helping women and their families to achieve their dreams of becoming engaged citizens will only enhance the life and vitality of the Niagara region. Through research, mentorship and other support opportunities, Brock University is pleased to play a role in assisting TOES Niagara with its pivotal work locally.”

Lynn Wells

Brock Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Provost and Vice-President, Academic

“The University’s research activities are strengthened by working with community partners like TOES Niagara to understand the local problems and develop real-world solutions.”

Tim Kenyon

Brock’s Vice-President, Research 

“There are simply some thing we, as an organization, cannot do on our own. This partnership has allowed us to increase our research capability, our capacity to directly engage with the community and our ability to promote and fund our programming.”

Nyarayi Kapisavanhu

Executive Director of TOES Niagara