Brock’s smoke-free corridor takes effect May 1

A new smoke- and vapour-free academic corridor that covers the majority of Brock University’s campus will take effect Wednesday, May 1.

The corridor that spans west to east across Brock’s main and east campus was an initiative included in Brock’s Workplace Wellness Framework, which promotes the importance of wellness initiatives and a focus on well-being to influence the overall health of staff and faculty. The revisions can be found in Designated Smoking Area Locations and Non-Compliance Procedures and Smoking and Vaping Policy.

The corridor will reduce the number of designated smoking areas (DSA) in order to promote the health of the campus community, reduce second-hand smoke exposure and deter smoking on campus.

The new corridor stretches from the athletic playing fields on Brock’s main campus to the student residences across Glenridge Avenue. Outside the corridor there are six designated areas for smoking and vaping.

The four DSAs on the main campus will be located on the corridor’s peripheral — the north side of Thistle Complex leading out to Alphie’s Trough, behind DeCew Residence Dining Hall at Residence Road, in between Vallee Residence and Earp Residence near parking lot K, as well as one DSA centred around Village Residence and Lowenberger Residence. Two DSAs will be located on the east side of campus: One behind Gateway Suites Residence and the other on the sidewalk in between the International Centre and Quarry View Residence.

The single DSAs at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts and Rodman Hall will remain unchanged. At the Hamilton campus, smoking and vaping takes place only on public sidewalks. Parking lots also remain smoke- and vapour-free.

While smoking or vaping tobacco is allowed in DSAs, smoking or vaping cannabis anywhere on campus is prohibited.

Leigh Harold, Director, Health, Safety and Wellness, said the implementation of a smoke-free corridor supports a healthy campus environment.

“Brock’s campus is a place of learning, research, community engagement, employment and residence,” she said. “Moving DSAs outside the corridor provides a clean, healthy environment in high-traffic areas mid-campus.”

Members of the Brock community can expect to see signs, posters, news stories and other communications describing the smoke-free corridor and locations of the DSAs. Everyone is encouraged to do their part to support the success of the policy.

With an increasing number of Canadian universities and colleges moving toward smoke-free campuses, Brock University’s smoke-free task force continues to meet to explore a recommendation for a smoke-free campus at Brock.

On Wednesday, May 1, a west-east outdoor smoke- and vapour free academic corridor will be implemented on Brock’s main campus with six designated smoking areas located outside the corridor.

For faculty, staff and students looking to reduce or quit smoking, several effective options, many of them completely free of charge, are available:

On-campus resources 

Leave the Pack Behind

Leave the Pack Behind (LTPB) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Anyone 18 to 29 years old residing in Ontario can access free resources to quit or reduce smoking and vaping (including nicotine patches and gum, self-help booklets, contests and challenges).

Personal Counselling Services

Students can call 1-833-BROCK33 (1-833-276-2533) to book an appointment with a Morneau Shepell counsellor. Personal Counselling Services is located at ST 400 in the Arthur Schmon Tower.

Student Health Services

Students can call 906-688-5550 x3243 to book an appointment with a physician. Student Health Services is located in Harrison Hall. Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Employee resources

Smoking cessation resources and counselling services for eligible employees are available through the University’s Brock’s Employee and Family Assistance Program and comprehensive benefits program. Eligible Brock employees and their eligible dependents can access cessation and nicotine replacement options as well as an online smoking cessation program that provides interactive exercises, goal-setting and action-planning. 

Community resources

Community health centres

Patients of the following community health centres can access free nicotine replacement therapy (usually patches or gum):

  • Quest Community Health Centre — 905-688-2558 x243
  • Niagara Falls Community Health Centre — 905-356-4222 x233
  • Bridges Community Health Centre — Fort Erie: 905-871-7621 x2226 and Port Colborne: 289-479-5017 x2421 

Heart Niagara

Niagara residents may be eligible to receive free nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine patches, gum, lozenges or inhalers. Call 905-358-5552 or visit

Niagara region family health teams

Registered patients of the following family health teams can access free nicotine replacement therapy (usually patches or gum):

  • Welland McMaster — 905-734-9699 x3
  • Niagara North, St. Catharines — 905-988-9617 x226
  • Niagara North, Niagara-on-the-Lake — 905-468-2177 x130
  • Beamsville, Medical Centre — 905-563-5315
  • Portage Medical — 905-354-9393 x225
  • Smithville — 905-957-3328

Niagara Region Public Health

Call 905-699-8248 x 7393 or visit to find out about local programs, services and resources for quitting or reducing smoking, such as group workshops, counselling and nicotine replacement therapy.

Smokers’ Helpline 

Call 1-877-513-5333 or visit to get free, personalized tools and supports such as a telephone quit coach, motivational text messages, self-help booklets and an online community. The service is available in more than 100 languages.

For more information on Brock University’s Smoking and Vaping Policy, smoking cessation resources and Designated Smoking Area Locations and Non-Compliance Procedure, visit Brock’s Health, Safety and Wellness website.

Employees can also visit the Health, Safety and Wellness SharePoint site and Employee Wellness SharePoint site to access wellness resources.

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