Pool set to re-open Oct. 18

The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre is slated to re-open Oct. 18 after extensive renovations.

The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre is slated to re-open Oct. 18 after extensive renovations.

Most of the changes made to the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre aren’t ones that you can see.

But David Balasiak, the project manager who oversaw recent renovations to the pool, is hopeful swimmers will be able to feel them when the centre re-opens next month.

With new air handlers installed, including dehumidification, moisture will be kept in check and chlorine odours won’t be as strong. New fabric ducts mean the quieter movement of air through the centre. And three new boilers will ensure more consistent air and water temperatures throughout the facility.

“Hopefully, you’ll feel the difference in the air quality – the humidity, you won’t feel as much, the chlorine odour won’t be as prevalent,” Balasiak said.

The centre has been closed since April for the renovations, which cost $3.124 million and also include new energy efficient fluorescent lighting, pumps and fans, upgraded electrical work, a new roof membrane, repairs to the pool filter and new acoustic insulation.

Balasiak said the centre’s renewal was a high priority deferred maintenance project.

Though the work is now finished, Karen McAllister-Kenny said the next few weeks will be spent commissioning the new features, ensuring everything is running smoothly for the pool re-opening on Oct. 18.

In the meantime, the University’s varsity swim team is practising at other pools throughout St. Catharines as it gears up for its first meet at Brock on Oct. 20. A youth swim meet is also planned at the Misener Aquatic Centre for Oct. 26-27.

Swimming lesson registration opens Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. and participants can dive back into perfecting their front crawl starting Nov. 4.

“We welcome everyone back,” McAllister-Kenny said. “They had to leave for a few months but we look forward to having everyone back again.”

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3 comments on “Pool set to re-open Oct. 18”

  1. Gabriella says:

    Is it free for Brock students?

  2. Melanie says:

    Is the hot tub and sauna open too? Can you access these during anytime or only during fun swims?

  3. Robert says:

    Nice timing for the pool to re-open, it’s pretty close to the 30 year anniversary of current Badger coach Peter Bradstreet starting to work for the community swimming team at Brock.

    Congratulations to Peter for the job longevity!

    It is also great to see the refresh for the facility. I swam there for six seasons in the 1980s.