People in the Attention Lab

Department of Psychology

Karen Arnell, Attention Lab, Brock University

Lab Director

Karen Arnell

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Karen Arnell (PhD, University of Waterloo) is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Brock University and the Director of the Attention Lab.

Her research interests include dual-tasking, attention capture, emotion and attention, individual differences in attention, and electrophysiology of attention.

PhD Students

Gillian Dale, Attention Lab, Brock University

Gillian Dale

Gillian Dale is just completing her PhD studies on individual differences in breadth of attention and its relationship to dual-task costs in the attentional blink paradigm.

Kirk Stokes, Attention Lab, Brock University

Kirk Stokes

Kirk Stokes is a PhD student examining individual differences in attention capture and distraction.

Research Assistants

Attention Lab, Psychology Department Brock University

Baris Bagcilar
Baris Bagcilar has recently graduated with his honours Psychology undergraduate degree from Brock and was an honours thesis student and RA in the lab last year. Baris has also performed studies on the attentional awakening effect.

Attention Lab, Psychology Department Brock University

Dan Schutten
Dan Schutten is a 3rd year undergraduate Psychology student at Brock. Dan is a new RA in the Attention Lab. Welcome Dan.

Attention Lab, Psychology Department Brock University

Jessie Shannon
Jessie Shannon is a 4th year undergraduate Psychology major at Brock who is in the lab for her second year. Jessie works on studies that include EEG/ERPs.

Recent Alumni

Mary MacLean, Attention Lab, Brock University

Mary MacLean
Mary MacLean is a former PhD student from the lab who defended her dissertation this past summer. Mary is now living in sunny California in a post-doctoral position in Dr. Barry Giesbrecht’s lab at UC Santa Barbara.

Blaire Dube, Attention Lab, Brock University

Blaire Dube
Blaire Dube is a former RA from the lab who is now a psychology graduate student at the University of Guelph.

Tabitha Methot, Attention Lab, Brock University

Tabitha Methot
Tabitha Methot is a former RA from the lab who is now an MA student studying forensic psychology at Brock.

Attention Lab, Brock University

Jen Adoranti
Jen Adoranti is a former RA from the lab who is now an MBA student at Brock.


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Jeff MacLeod, Dalhousie University

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