Welcome to the Brock Attention Lab of Dr. Karen Arnell

Department of Psychology

In our lab we investigate attention – its limits in dual-task situations, attentional capture and distraction, how attention and emotion interact, and individual differences in breadth and capture of attention.

Attention Lab, Psychology Department Brock University

The word cloud above was generated from two recent dissertations and two recent papers from the Attention Lab. Hopefully, this will give you a sense of how we talk about attention.

Two pieces of exciting news:

  • Attention lab PhD student Mary MacLean receives NSERC post-doctoral funding to work with Dr. Barry Giesbrecht at UC Santa Barbara!
  • Attention lab PhD student Gillian Dale accepts a post-doctoral position to work with Dr. Shawn Green at U. Wisconsin-Madison!

This also means the Attention lab is looking to accept bright new students interested in graduate training in Attention.