About the Attention Lab

Psychology Attention Lab, Research Approach

Dr. Karen Arnell, Director of the Brock Attention Lab, is a cognitive psychologist who received her PhD from the University of Waterloo in 1996. Since 1990 she has been performing studies of dual-task attention to look at the nature of limitations on attention, and their functional significance.

In the Attention Lab we investigate attention – it’s limits in dual-task situations, attentional capture and distraction, how attention and emotion interact, and individual differences in attention.

We typically present computer displays to participants.

We take behavioural measures (accuracy and/or response time) and sometime also take scalp recordings of the brain’s electrical response to stimulus events (event-related potentials or ERPs) or measure continuous EEGs in power bands such as alpha.

We also use self-report data from questionnaires that measures things such as mood and personality.

For more information on the type of projects we are working on now, visit the “Research Topics ” link.