Organizing Committees

Organizing Committees

Planning Committee at Brock University:

  • Barbara Burrell
  • Fanny Dolansky
  • Allison Glazebrook
  • Katharine von Stackelberg 

Program Committee:

  • Sarah Blake (York University)
  • Judith Fletcher (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Allison Glazebrook (Brock University)
  • Alison Keith (University of Toronto)
  • Bonnie MacLachlan (University of Western Ontario)
  • Roberto Nickel (Brock University)
  • Victoria Wohl (University of Toronto)

Website and graphic design:
The conference website was created by Fanny Dolansky who regularly maintains it. Please direct any questions or concerns about web content to

The organizers are pleased to showcase on the conference website and in the call for papers the work of Tina Ross, an alumna of the Department of Classics who earned her BA in 2004. Tina Ross has worked as an archaeological illustrator in the Mediterranean for the past nine years at excavation sites in Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey drawing mostly ceramic artifacts, but also figurines, stone and bone tools, jewellery, weapons, and weaving implements. She took her inspiration for the design used for Feminism and Classics VI from the Kleophrades Maenad which she suggests "seemed a perfect match, both for my skill set and the overall subject and feeling of the conference. As a graduate of Brock University, I am especially happy to be a part of this upcoming event." To view Tina's illustrations and learn more about her work, please visit her website at