Accommodation Options for Conferences

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Accommodation Options for Conferences

Accommodation Options for Conferences

Vallee and Earp Residences are great for hotel-style accommodation.

Hotel-style residence

Vallee and Earp Residences are simple and practical accommodation for large and small-scale groups. These rooms provide an economical yet private sleeping situation for guests. We endeavour to keep all of your guests on the same floor(s) to make your event a team event. Each floor has a lounge for gathering together at any time during your conference. Relax and enjoy television in the evening here as a group or meet here in the morning before you head off to your events for the day.


Townhouses are available for group accommodation.

Townhouse-style residence

If your conference has families or groups that would like to live in a simple and quiet, village-like setting, you will enjoy the Village Residence. On the practical side of things, each guest has their own single bed in these air-conditioned units which include a kitchen and common area.  The kitchens are a practical feature for groups interested in cooking for themselves. Just bring your own pots and pans and experience the simplicity of Village Life. 

Village Single Bedroom Diagram

Village Double Bedroom Diagram

Traditional-style residences like Decew are available.

Traditional residence

If you are looking for an economical options, or have a lot of youths that would like the intimacy of dormitory-style housing, then consider Decew Residence. This residence is simple in its layout with 12 guests staying on a floor. If you want your group to bond by the end of your stay, then this is ideal. Groups in particular will benefit from this option when attending camps or touring the area.

Youth Camp Video about Decew Residence

Decew Double and Single Bedroom Diagrams