Selective Mutism: Engaging Community and Technology for Best Practices

Given the vague and perhaps under-reported prevalence rate, coupled with the negative impact selective mutism has on a child’s social, emotional, and educational development, we aim to share knowledge and raise awareness of selective mutism. The intention of the conference is to unify the selective mutism community, engage in team building, and examine the advantage of technology in order to support and assist individuals with selective mutism.

One main focus of the Selective Mutism Conference is to engage those directly impacted by selective mutism. Hence we invite the children and individuals living with selective mutism, and the parents, educators, health care professionals, and mental health agencies that provide care and assistance to those experiencing selective mutism to join us and share lived experiences and ask important questions.

The other focus of the Selective Mutism Conference is to explore cutting edge research on the treatment of selective mutism. Because conventional treatments of selective mutism tend to last several months and may take up to several years without guaranteed success, we welcome studies that have demonstrated improved/timely resolution of selective mutism (i.e., hours, days, and weeks of treatment time). Further, research that incorporates innovative techniques, especially those developed with the inclusion of technology as such software applications, are particularly encouraged.