The Team

Dr. Gordon Hodson, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Dr. Gordon Hodson

Lab Director

Dr. Hodson is a former Associate Editor at the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (JESP), and presently serves on the Editorial Boards of the European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP), the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP), and the Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology (JTSP). He has been awarded the Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence (Brock University) 2015-2018.

​Dr. Hodson writes a column called “Without Prejudice” at Psychology Today. His column can be found here.

Megan Earle, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Megan Earle, MA

PhD student

Megan is interested in individual difference predictors of prejudice, including political ideology and cognitive ability. She is interested in the role of media in fostering prejudice towards disadvantaged groups, including women, Muslims, and immigrants.

Recipient of the 2015-2016 Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award (MA)

Elvira Prusaczyk,, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Elvira Prusaczyk, BA

MA student

Elvira’s primary research focuses on prejudice and discrimination against women. Specifically, she studies how women react to anti-female comments (e.g., sexist jokes) and sexist media content (e.g., sexually objectifying images). She is also interested in individual difference predictors of prejudice against women, including social dominance orientation and hostile sexism. Broadly, she investigates when and why both lower and higher status group members maintain and bolster group-based social hierarchies.

Honours Thesis Students 2017-2018

Julia Biamonte, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Julia Biamonte

Julia is interested in studying relationship satisfaction. She is interested in romantic relationships and how belief similarity/dissimilarity (e.g., religion, prejudice) impacts relationship satisfaction.

Claire Doucher, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Claire Doucher

Claire is interested in the prevalence and impact of prejudice and discrimination on disadvantaged groups such as refugees. She is particularly interested in the ways that laws and policies can impact these prejudices.

Valerie Plante-Brisebois, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Valerie Plante-Brisebois

Valerie is interested in intergroup conflict and resolution, with a special interest in the role of political ideology, media and persuasion, on escalating and de-escalating conflicts.  She is also interested in how emotions affect expressions of prejudice and discrimination.

Research Assistants 2017-2018

Emalee Majnarich, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Emalee Majnarich

Carly Magnacca, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Carly Magnacca

Jennifer Young, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Jennifer Young

​Kaileigh Schenck, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

​Kaileigh Schenck

Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
​(Supervised by Dr. Hodson)

Kimberly Costello,Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Kimberly Costello, PhD

After earning her PhD in the lab  in 2012, Kimberly became a professor at Humber College. She is presently a professor at Seneca College.

​Her research focuses on dehumanization and speciesism. Her PhD thesis developed the Interspecies Model of Prejudice (see Costello & Hodson, 2014a, 2014b; Hodson & Costello, 2012, in press).

Cara MacInnis, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Cara MacInnis, PhD

After earning her PhD in the lab in 2013, Cara held a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto, working with Dr. Liz Page-Gould. Cara is presently an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary.

​Cara was awarded the 2016 SPSSI Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations award for MacInnis & Page-Gould (2015, Perspectives).  ​Click here for Cara’s webpage.

Mark Hoffarth, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Mark Hoffarth, PhD

Mark earned his PhD in the lab in 2017, and is now pursuing an NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship at New York University (NYU) with Dr. John Jost.

​Mark won the APA Division 34 best graduate student paper for Hoffarth & Hodson (2016, JEP), and his PhD was published at JPSP (Hoffarth, Hodson, & Molnar, in press).  ​Click here for Mark’s ResearchGate page

Nour Kteily, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Nour Kteily, PhD

Nour earned his PhD at Harvard with Dr. Jim Sidanius, then a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Hodson. His main postdoc project (Kteily, Hodson, & Bruneau, 2016, JPSP) introduced meta-dehumanization (feeling dehumanized by others).  ​Nour was recognized as an APS Rising Star in 2016. He is presently an Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern). ​Click here for Nour’s website.

Beenish Khan, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Beenish Khan, MA

For her MA Beenish explored the role of (low) empathy in explaining prejudice.

PJ Sangalang,Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

PJ Sangalang, MA

After graduation, PJ transitioned into a corporate trainer role in the pre-employment industry, and is currently Head of Training and Development. Whilst primarily focused on hands-on training and teaching, he has also assisted in large scale corporate due diligence projects as well as assisting in database transitions used by his clients. He is currently in living in Surrey, England, and has lived in the UK since 2008.

Former Graduate Student Affiliates

Becky Choma, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Becky Choma, PhD

Becky earned her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Hafer, after which she pursued a SSHRC-funded postdoc at York (with Dr. Kerry Kawakami) and at Wilfrid Laurier (with Dr. Mindi Foster). Becky is presently an Associate Professor at Ryerson University.​​Becky was awarded the CPA New Researcher award. ​Click here for her website.

Paul Adachi, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Paul Adachi, PhD

Paul earned his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Teena Willoughby. He is pursing a SSHRC-Banting postdoctoral fellow at the University of Rochester with Drs. Richard Ryan and Edward Deci. ​ In 2017 he was awarded the APA Division 46 (media psychology) award for Distinguished Scientific contributions. ​Paul’s Google page can be found here.

Malvina Skorska, PhD, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Malvina Skorska, PhD

Malvina earned her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Tony Bogaert. She is presently a postdoctoral fellow at CAMH and Brock. ​​Malvina’s ResearchGate page can be found here.

Mary MacLean, PhD, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Mary MacLean, PhD

Mary earned her PhD at Brock under the supervision of Dr. Karen Arnell. She is presently a postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara.

Visiting Scholars

Kristof Dhont, Laboratory of Intergroup Processess

Kristof Dhont, PhD

Kristof is a key collaborator of the lab, and is a frequent visitor. Kristof is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Kent. His website can be found here.