Government of Ontario provides $197,048 to expand on-campus mental health support

Brock University is partnering with the Government of Ontario to ensure that the mental health needs of postsecondary students are being met.

In October 2013, as part of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ efforts to strengthen mental health support across the province, the Ministry announced that Brock University would receive $197,048 to develop compressed online training sessions for teaching assistants, residence assistants and peer educators, as well as psycho-educational group information and skill development sessions targeted to the needs of students.

The More Feet on Ground Campaign will be developed by Brock in partnership with Niagara College and leading mental health and addictions service providers in Niagara. By responding directly to the unique needs of postsecondary students and the postsecondary environment, the campaign will empower students through an extended circle of support that provides the role models they can relate to as well as the knowledge and skills to better manage their own mental health and wellness needs.

Brock is thankful for the support of the Government of Ontario. This type of partnership ensures that postsecondary students across Niagara will have access to the mental health and addiction support they require.

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