Before contacting or writing a government official at the international, federal, provincial, regional or municipal level of government please contact the Office of Government Relations at to ensure proper protocols are followed.

When contacting or writing a government official, including inviting a government official to Brock, it is important that proper protocols are followed.

Proper protocols are also essential during an event attended by a government official.

Following proper protocols shows respect for a government official and is important for the University’s reputation. Being prepared and using proper protocols also increases the likelihood of receiving a positive response to an invitation.

For example, when inviting a government official to an event it may be necessary to provide significant notice prior to sending the invitation and it is essential to address the official properly. The invitation will require information such as the date, time and location of the event and may also require information such as the number of people attending the event, the official’s role (e.g. will there be a speaking opportunity) and if the media will be attending the event. During an event, further protocols will be important such as orders of precedence and flag protocols.

While there is no official manual on protocols some guidelines can be found on the following websites: