Brock ITS advises users to be cautious on social media

Brock’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team warns users to be careful when using social networking platforms.

Social networks such as Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube can be useful for connecting with friends, families and communities around the world, but they can also open users up to identity theft and malware if used insecurely.

Brock ITS has the following advice to help users protect themselves on social media:

  • Review the privacy settings for social media profiles and control who can see posts.
  • Don’t click on links, downloads or attachments posted by strangers as these may lead to sites that compromise the user’s device or trick them into sharing passwords and usernames.
  • Don’t click on a link shared by a friend if it doesn’t seem like something they would post.
  • Never disclose confidential or personal information on social networking sites.
  • Avoid naming family members, friends or coworkers in posts that are visible to the public.
  • Use a strong, unique password for each platform.
  • Don’t use the same passwords for social media platforms as you do for work or personal accounts such as email accounts or online banking accounts.
  • Set up security answers and two-factor authentication for social media accounts where available.
  • Ensure security software is installed and up to date on devices.
  • Be cautious when installing and using social media mobile apps.
  • Close the browser if anything looks suspicious on a social networking site.

Questions about protecting social media accounts can be emailed to

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