ITS reminds users to install security updates

When security update notifications pop up, don’t put them off, says Brock’s information Technology Services (ITS) team.

Brock ITS recommends users regularly install the latest security updates to help keep software and systems secure.

Skipping security updates can lead to a number of cybersecurity consequences, including increased risks of a data breach or long-term malware infection. These updates can also fix bugs and may include new features that improve security or functionality.

Along with installing new security updates, ITS also advises users to follow instructions for restarting a system after an update is installed. In some cases, restarting completes the installation and applies the security update to the software or system.

Apple users in particular are reminded to check for updates as the company released security updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and Safari last month. These updates address vulnerabilities that were reportedly being exploited by attackers.

Further instructions to check and install Apple’s latest security updates can be found on Apple’s website:

Questions about security updates can be emailed to

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