Brock LINC inviting new partners to join innovation space

New internal partners are being welcomed to the Brock LINC Project and Innovation Space.

Located on RFP 300, the space is where Brock LINC staff are located, but it is also open to internal University partners as a temporary workspace for projects that are supporting an innovation challenge, whether at Brock, in the community or globally.

Current partners in the Brock LINC Project and Innovation Space include staff members and researchers from Goodman Group, the Centre for Sport Capacity and the Niagara Community Observatory (NCO). More spaces are now open for new internal partners to join the University’s innovation community.

“The space at the Brock LINC is unique,” says Farzana Crocco, Executive Director of the Brock LINC. “It was envisioned to be a collaborative co-working space for many different types of people and projects across the University. We’re at a point where we’d like to expand the number of partners that are in the space and start to create a hub for innovative projects at Brock.”

The Project and Innovation Space at the Brock LINC is intended for temporary residencies for time-defined innovation projects. One example of the current projects supported in the space is an interdisciplinary research project led by the NCO examining Niagara’s economic history and opportunities for future economic and social development.

“We have loved being part of the LINC Innovation Space,” says NCO Director Charles Conteh. “Being able to meet and talk with different people at Brock, enjoy the collaborative atmosphere and have access to the amenities and natural light made it the ideal location for our post-doctoral fellow.”

Residents in the Brock LINC Project and Innovation Space get access to a dedicated desk in the open-concept working space, and access to the meeting rooms and amenities on RFP 300. It is ideal for projects that have a strong community focus or that include community partners, as the spaces in the Rankin Family Pavilion are easy for community members to access.

More information and an application of interest is available on the Brock LINC website.

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