Brock Media Clips for Friday, Sept. 23

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.

Spotted lanternfly could devastate vineyards across Niagara: Professor of Biological Sciences Liette Vasseur was quoted in a Canadian Press article that appeared in Yahoo News and several other outlets, where she discussed the threat the spotted lanternfly could pose to local agriculture.

B.C. junior hockey team fined and 2 players suspended for alleged hazing: Assistant Professor of Sport Management Taylor McKee spoke to CBC about an alleged incident of hazing on a B.C. hockey team while discussing actions leaders in the sport can take to eliminate the practice.

Brock University study to paint ‘panoramic portrait’ of Niagara’s economy: Professor of Political Science and Director of the University’s Niagara Community Observatory Charles Conteh spoke to the St. Catharines Standard about a project that aims to explore the overall understanding of the economics of the Niagara region.

Why the unconventional bedtime tale Goodnight Moon endures 75 years on: Professor of Educational Studies Lissa Paul spoke to CBC about the factors that have contributed to the ongoing popularity and sustained legacy of the children’s book Goodnight Moon.

Lizzo says a cold plunge helps her with anxiety: Professor of Kinesiology Stephen Cheung spoke to Healthing about the benefits and risks that come when humans expose their bodies to extreme temperatures.

New Niagara crosswalk ‘Indigenous excellence’: Brock’s Acting Vice-Provost, Indigenous Engagement Robyn Bourgeois spoke to the St. Catharines Standard about a new Indigenous crosswalk between Niagara Region headquarters and Brock University, which is designed to represent a commitment to education, reconciliation and decolonization.

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