TRUSSELL, MOORADIAN, HEBBLETHWAITE and PATERSON: This Mother’s Day, help new moms return to exercise and leisure to support their physical and mental health

Dawn Trussell, Associate Professor of Sport Management at Brock University; Jennifer Mooradian, Research Assistant in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University; Shannon Hebblethwaite, Associate Professor of Applied Human Sciences at Concordiat University; and Stephanie Paterson, Professor of Political Science at Concordia University, had a piece recently published in The Conversation about ways to support the health and well-being of new mothers.

They write:

“There are thoughtful and meaningful things to do to celebrate new mothers on Mother’s Day. 

Mothers with young children have lower levels of leisure and physical activities than the rest of the population, which puts their physical and mental health at risk. So the gift of sleep, time, self-care (“me time”) and a message of what a remarkable job she is doing may be what she needs most.

We’re a team of researchers who have studied the life-changing transition to motherhood for nearly 10 years. Our research has examined how motherhood enriches women’s lives at the same time as we challenge society’s notion of being a “good mother.” The role of policy (maternity leave legislation, childcare, access to leisure services) in shaping women’s experiences has been a central focus.”

Continue reading the full article on The Conversation website.

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