GALLERY: Brock’s bountiful blossoms flourish

Though they never stay long, the cherry blossoms in front of Brock University’s main entrance command attention from campus visitors.

When the stunning collection of pink and white flowers makes its annual appearance, typically lasting for up to 10 days, people flock to the rows of trees in front of the Schmon Tower to capture their beauty.

The cherry blossoms, which can also be found by the new Residence 8 on the east side of campus, bring a brief interlude of contrasting colours to campus, alongside lush green grass and deep blue skies, to signal the warmth of spring has arrived.

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In 2003, a total of 200 Sakura trees were donated to Brock University by the Japanese government as a gesture of friendship between Japan and Canada.

These trees are part of the Sakura Tree Planting Project which featured 3,000 Sakura trees planted across Ontario.

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