Brock community reminded to obey campus stop signs, speed limits

With more people walking, cycling and driving on campus, Campus Security Services is reminding the Brock community to follow the rules of the road.

Campus Security recently observed and received reports of motorists driving above speed limits and not coming to a complete stop at campus stop signs.

Earlier this month, a pedestrian was struck at a crosswalk, and just this week, a student was nearly hit by a speeding vehicle, also at a crosswalk.

Motorists are asked to adhere to the posted speed signs (40 kilometres or less), to make a full stop at stop signs and to look out for pedestrians.

Pedestrians are reminded to abide by traffic signs and crosswalk signals and are encouraged to make eye contact with motorists before crossing in front of a vehicle.

Cellphones should not be used at crosswalks, and cellphone use while driving is against the law.

To report a traffic incident, contact Campus Security Services at 905-688-5550 x3200, email or submit an online report.

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