A reminder to enrolled and prospective students about Brock’s vaccination policy

Under Brock University’s Vaccination Policy, all students, staff, faculty, librarians and visitors must be fully vaccinated to participate in any on-campus activity at any Brock facility.

As a result, all students enrolled for the Winter Term are required to submit proof of full vaccination via the online vaccination declaration form no later than Friday, Dec. 10. Students who do not comply with this requirement will be de-registered from all on-campus courses at all Brock sites for the Winter Term as of Wednesday, Dec. 15.

Students who are new to Brock for the Winter Term are required to submit proof of full vaccination or, in rare circumstances where it may apply, an exemption request, no later than Monday, Jan. 10, 2022. Those not qualified for an exemption and who have not submitted proof of full vaccination will be de-registered from all on-campus classes and activities at all Brock sites as of Friday, Jan. 21, 2022.

International students attending Brock for the Winter Term who are coming from a location where access to vaccination is limited or who require a supplemental dose of a vaccine approved by Health Canada in order to be considered fully vaccinated will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. Those students are asked to submit proof of any vaccinations received to date as soon as possible and to contact rapidantigen@brocku.ca for more information.

Students who are not fully vaccinated will still be able to access online courses in the Winter Term.

Students who have approved exemptions in the Fall Term will not need to apply for an exemption again unless their approved exemption was time limited. They will also continue to complete the Brock Rapid Antigen Screening Program (RASP) in the Winter Term.

New students beginning their studies at Brock in the Winter Term may apply for an exemption from the vaccine requirement on medical or human rights grounds. Exemptions are only approved in very limited circumstances and any student seeking to apply should first review the University’s vaccination FAQ to determine whether they may be eligible. Exemption forms can be downloaded from the vaccination declaration tool website.

Individuals who have previously applied for an exemption which was denied should not apply for an exemption again in the Winter Term unless there has been a material change in their circumstances.

For all other inquiries or additional support, please contact rapidantigen@brocku.ca

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