Students invited to make waves online through work-integrated learning program

Brock University students — in their virtual form — will have the chance to connect with leading employers across Canada through a new work-integrated learning partnership.

Brock has teamed up with Wavemakers, a groundbreaking inclusive work-integrated learning program in virtual reality that is supported by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Program.

In addition to the many experiential learning opportunities already offered by Brock in each of the University’s Faculties, students who apply to and are accepted into Wavemakers will have access to the program’s virtual campus, where they can connect with employers and students in real time and complete work-integrated learning projects.

Senior Experiential Education Co-ordinator David DiPietro explored the Wavemakers website, an interactive virtual reality program that’s designed to connect diverse post-secondary students with leading employers across Canada.

Participants only need an internet-connected computer to download the Wavemakers program, which takes place in eight-week cohorts. Once signed up, students will have access to the virtual campus and be able to communicate with other students while participating in learning projects for employer partners from across Canada on initiatives such as inclusivity in the workplace and other real-world challenges.

David DiPietro, a Senior Experiential Education Co-ordinator at Brock, said the free program will allow students to gain even more relevant experience for their careers at no cost. Students can also apply to receive a $250 stipend to support their time in the program, and a $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student in each cohort.

“We know that students are always looking for ways to engage with work-integrated learning outside of what they are doing in the classroom,” DiPietro said. “Wavemakers is a great option for students in any discipline who want to be a part of something that is really cutting edge.

“Participating in the Wavemakers program aligns students’ experiences with what employers are looking for when they are hiring,” he said. “It’s a great way for students to connect with employers, gain relevant experience outside of the classroom and prepare for their careers.”

Throughout the program, students build useful skills and earn digital micro-credentials that they can share on Wavemakers and on key career platforms such as LinkedIn.

In the Wavemakers program, participants can interact virtually with one another to complete work-integrated learning projects.

DiPietro also said the non-traditional setting of an online campus will create a new and engaging atmosphere for participants.

“Wavemakers provides students with work-integrated learning and professional development opportunities in a non-traditional and fun way,” he said. “We know that students are always looking to gain more experience, and the opportunity to do that in a virtual reality setting is really appealing and accommodating in the midst of ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions.”

The next Wavemakers cohorts available to Brock students begin Tuesday, Oct. 12 and Thursday, Oct. 14, with a deadline to apply by Friday, Oct. 8.

Interested students are encouraged to visit the Wavemakers website to apply.

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