Competition encourages students to become more sustainable

Brock University is hosting its first-ever Welcome Back Sustainability Challenge.

Blackstone Energy Services and Brock have partnered together to encourage students to adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives through the use of the innovative and interactive Blackstone Energy app.

“Over the past three years we have worked closely to engage the campus community through Sustainability at Brock and our partnership with Facilities Management,” said Amanda Smits, Centre Administrator at the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. “This competition for Brock students is just one of the ways that we are trying to highlight sustainable ideas that students can implement into their everyday lives.”

Current Brock University students will log their sustainable behaviours in the app and those who track the most over the two-week contest will win one of five prizes including an Apple iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, a $100 gift card to Bioterra Eco Shop and a $50 gift card donated from the Campus Store.

“We’re proud to support Brock with student engagement programming from our Sustainability App,” said Tim Schneider, Vice President, Energy Solutions at Blackstone Energy Services. “It’s a pleasure to work with partners who are committed to sustainable practices in their community and actively doing their part to reduce carbon emissions.”

The sustainability challenge runs from Monday, Sept. 13 to Friday, Sept. 24. Students can register by visiting Experience BU and then downloading the free Blackstone Energy app from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Once the app is downloaded, follow these four steps:

  1. Review and accept the privacy policy once in the app
  2. Create an account using your Brock email and enter Brock’s challenge code: badgers
  3. Click the badge icon to join the Brock “Welcome Back Sustainability Challenge”
  4. Hit the green “Join Challenge” button

From there, participants will be set to begin logging sustainability actions once the competition starts.

“At Brock, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. We understand that as a community of more than 20,000, we need everyone involved in order to make a difference,” said Mary Quintana, Director of Asset Management and Utilities. “The sustainability competition was developed in order to acknowledge the impact everyone at Brock can have to further enhance our sustainability performance.

“It is also a very fun way to learn more about Brock and how to embed sustainability throughout the University,” she said.

The hope is that participants learn and adopt new sustainable habits during the competition and then carry those on at home, school or in their communities.

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