Brock recruiting educators to sit on innovative research committee

Brock University’s Lifespan Development Research Institute is searching for local educators to help with upcoming research initiatives.

The Lifespan Institute is recruiting for a Teacher Advisory Committee (TAC), which will be made up of current full-time elementary or secondary school teachers, administrators or school board employees from the community who would like to provide input on relevant research and knowledge mobilization work. This work will include research focused on teachers, students, families and the community.

“The Lifespan Institute has a clear focus on community engagement — focusing on Niagara and beyond,” said Teena Willoughby, Director of the Lifespan Institute. “Our engagement committees aim to provide members with a clear way to connect with relevant community groups, as well as a way for community members to be authentically engaged within the research process. Such collaborative engagement is critically important to ensuring that our research is relevant, informed and connected to the community.”

The members of the TAC will assist the Lifespan team in developing research ideas, strategies for sharing research findings, connecting with educators, students and families and keeping the team informed about important matters affecting the community.

The TAC will operate similarly to Lifespan’s Youth Engagement Committee, Senior Advisory Committee and Parent Advisory Committee, all of which is made up of local community members.

Through these committees, and with the addition of the TAC, the Lifespan Institute creates an opportunity for the community to directly inform research in the Niagara region and beyond and will help to facilitate a space for community members of all ages to have their voices heard.

“The TAC will be a great opportunity for researchers and educators to come together and learn from each other, so we can collectively work towards improving student outcomes,” said Erin Panda, Assistant Professor in Child and Youth Studies and Lifespan Institute member. “For example, within my research area there is a huge disconnect between the science of reading and the way reading is taught in many classrooms. The only way to bridge this gap is through partnerships where both groups can share expertise. This will open the door to finding solutions that are grounded in research and make sense in the context of real classrooms.”

Members of the TAC will meet with Lifespan researchers and staff members approximately four times per year to review relevant projects and provide feedback. Until it is safe to do so, all TAC meetings will take place virtually on video chat.

The Lifespan Institute TAC is looking for members who are:

  • Current full-time elementary or secondary school teachers, administrators, or school board employees
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in issues surrounding teachers, students, children/youth, parents/guardians and families
  • Enjoy working collaboratively in groups and listening to others’ ideas
  • Willing to commit time to the activities of the TAC, including meeting online throughout the year and responding via email
  • Willing to serve a one-year term on the TAC
  • Have submitted a completed TAC application package

To apply, please complete the application form that can be found on the Lifespan website. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 9.

Any questions about the TAC or the application process may be directed to

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