Upcoming roundtable to focus on posthumanism in education

An upcoming panel organized by Brock Philosophy Professor Christine Daigle will explore what it means to educate for the posthuman age.

“Posthumanism sees humans as entangled with all other beings and the world. The notion of entanglement captures that every being, big or small, is an assemblage of relations,” says Daigle.

Embracing a posthuman pedagogy involves returning to holistic and Indigenous ways of knowing and fostering non-hierarchical relationships between teachers and students, as well as recognizing the importance of learning environments.

Posthumanism thinking rejects the idea that humans are exceptional to other beings and therefore in a position to exploit them for sole benefit.

“A posthumanism curriculum that values the interconnected existence of all beings and their actions, rooted in and beyond classrooms, and influenced by innovative pedagogical methods, will support globally minded citizens,” says Daigle.

The panel will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 8 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. and features Faculty of Education Professors Fiona Blaikie, Trevor Norris and Doug Karrow as well as Julianne Burgess, a candidate in the Joint PhD Program in Educational Studies. Dramatic Arts Professor David Fancy will moderate the discussion.

Sponsored by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the event is open to all who are interested. Details and a link to the Zoom meeting can be found on the Posthumanism Research Institute website.

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