Emotionally effective leadership topic of next Business Breathers event

An upcoming webinar will discuss emotional intelligence and its importance in leadership development.

“Positive forward motion in the COVID-19 era — Maximizing emotionally effective leadership in the FAST Lane” will take place Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 11 a.m. as part of the free Business Breathers webinar series facilitated by the Goodman School of Business’ Goodman Group.

Business Breathers feature 30 minutes of live industry and faculty expert-led discussions, followed by a 15-minute Q&A period. Topics focus on leadership, management and innovation, as well as the financial and social impacts of trending topics.

“Emotional intelligence is how we self-manage, self-regulate and become aware of our own emotions and the emotions of others,” says Lesley Calvin, a leadership development coach and certified emotional intelligence specialist who will be leading the webinar. “This is especially critical in times of great stress and change. COVID is bringing stress to a peak for many people, so a greater focus on emotional empathy and interpersonal/relationship management is what is setting many leaders and organizations apart.”

Calvin’s presentation will provide participants with a greater understanding of emotional intelligence and the importance of self-reflection in identifying emotional reaction blind spots.

“Many people have trouble managing their emotions in the ‘FAST Lane,’” she says of the acronym she uses to describe when people are facing frustrations, making assumptions, under stress or feeling triggered.

“Others become less empathetic and may struggle to remain positive and optimistic under pressure,” she says. “For leaders (of self and others), it is critical to check our blind spots and be willing to hold up a mirror to our emotions, actions and reactions when we are in the ‘FAST Lane’ so we can maximize emotional effectiveness.”

As a former higher education administrator and leader of people and departments, Calvin has dedicated almost two decades in her passion-driven career to the personal, professional and leadership development of individuals and organizations. Her approach to coaching and training is rooted in positive psychology and aims to support the healthy development of balance between self and others as well as work and life.

Everyone is welcome to attend Business Breathers webinars. Interested participants are asked to register online. A confirmation email will provide a Lifesize link to access the webinar at the date and time it is planned.

Anyone interested in learning more about emotional intelligence beyond Calvin’s 30-minute presentation is invited to register for a two-day certificate program in emotional intelligence Calvin is facilitating next month through the Goodman Group.

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