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Business Breathers – Live webinars

While uncertainty is in the air, we at Goodman Group are certain to find opportunities to do better. Business Breathers are live webinars hosted by Goodman Group and focus on topics in the area of leadership, management, innovation financial and social impacts of trending topics. This free webinar series aims to help students, alumni, entrepreneurs and the community understand and maneuver through the impacts and opportunities of trending topics.

Join us to discuss taking businesses, careers and ideas to the next level. Our free webinars take place on the second Wednesday each month from 11 to 11:45 a.m.


'A day in the life of a data analyst' live webinar. With Agrima Bhatnagar, Senior Manager Analytics at Scotiabank. (Agrima headshot)
Business Breathers Webinar cover slide of Ted Mouradian


Business Breathers Summary picture with Tim Arnold
Business Breathers Summary picture with Julie Stevens
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Business Breathers Summary picture with Robyn Brown, AJ Vance, Shaheryar Mian and Earnest Biktimirov

Archived Business Breathers

Presenter: Amy Tomaino, Senior Administrative Officer & Dr. Ken Klassen, Brock University


Identifying the best light for and revealing your new product through it

Presenter: Dr. Tek Thongpapanl & Dr. Magnus Hultman, Brock University


Crisis Leadership

Presenter: Lynn Guerriero, President & CEO, Niagara Health

Presentation & Recording

Data Strategy & Governance: Leading the change with a female perspective

Presenter: Mitu Mann, Chief Data Officer, Phoenix IT & Sasha Ali-Hosein Director of Data Science, Cineplex Digital Media

Manage Self to Coach Others

Presenter: Caren Burt, Principal, Coach, HR Consultant at C Burt & Associates


data-driven Decision Making

Presenter: Dr. Anteneh Ayanso and Dr. Filippo Dall’Olio, from the Goodman School of Business, Brock University


Reframing Negotiation: How to get better outcomes through the Art of Feminine Negotiation

Presenter: Cindy Watson, Founder of Women on Purpose and creator of HERsuasion™

Presentation & Recording

Employee Wellness & Corporate Social Responsibility in the COVID-19 era: How companies stepped up to vaccinate their essential workforce and the community

Presenter: Ken Chan, Vice-President, Administration, Brock University and panel guests: Vanessa White, Maple Lodge Farms; James Scongack, Bruce Power; Leslie-Ann Vezina, Air Canada
Presentation & Recording

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity: What does it all mean for me?

Presenter: Leela MadhavaRau, Director, Human Rights & Equity, Brock University

Presentation & Recording

Warrior Women – Indigenous Women and Leadership

Presenter: Dr. Robyn Bourgeois, Acting Vice-Provost, Indigenous Engagement, Brock University

Presentation & Recording

Wine Business Bounce Back – How Wineries are using COVID to Accelerate Positive Change

Presenter: Peter McAtamney, Founder of Wine Business Solutions.
Presentation & Recording

The Power of Teamwork

Presenter: Dr. Barry Wright, CEO Canada 2022 Summer Games & Associate Professor, Brock University
Presentation & Recording

Gender, Power and Politics: Leading in COVID Times

Presenter: Dr. Ingrid Makus, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Associate Professor, Brock University
Presentation & Recording

The Pushback Reflex – How to get out of your mind and stop sabotaging yourself

Presenter: Mariola Czarniak, Founder of Maximum Results Academy

Presentation & Recording

Digital by Design: Education for the Post-Pandemic World

Presenter: Robert Luke, President & CEO of eCampusOntario

Presentation & Recording

University Management in the Time of COVID

Presenter: Dr. Lynn Wells, Provost and Vice-President, Academic, Brock University


Extraordinary Canadians: An Interview with Peter Mansbridge

Presenter: Peter Mansbridge


Zero Trust and the Edge of the Network: Cybersecurity and Working Remotely

Presenter: Dr. Aaron Mauro, Assistant Professor, Brock University
View the recording and presentation.

Boost Your Career with Community Work and Volunteering

Presenter: Julia Deans, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Canada
View the recording and the presentation.

Green Futures: How Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability will Drive the Next Economy

Presenter: Brock Dickinson, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo
View the recording and presentation.

Positive Forward Motion in the COVID-19 Era – Maximizing Emotionally Effective Leadership in the FAST Lane ©

Presenter: Lesley Calvin, Founder at Lesley Calvin Consulting
View the recording and presentation

Creative Infusions for your Work and Life

Presenter: Stephanie Barnes, Chief Chaos Organiser, Entelechy
View the presentation and recording.

Big Data Analytics: Wisdom or Folly!

Presenter: Dr. S. Ejaz Ahmed, Dean of Faculty and Mathematics & Science, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.

The Role of Child Care in Post-Pandemic Recovery

Presenter: Diana Huson, Regional Councillor, Region of Niagara
View the presentation and recording. 

Small Business Liability, Staying Afloat Amongst the Chaos

Presenter: Co-presented by Aaron Bazinet and George Nikolaidis from Erie Mutual Insurance
View the recording.

Maximize Your Impact: Tailoring Communications to Your Stakeholders

Presenter: Jacqueline King, CEO Everleap
View the presentation and recording.

Leadership post COVID-19

Presenter: Nick Pollice, President, Pollice Management Group
View the presentation and recording.

COVID-19: An Opportunity for Systems Change toward Sustainability

Presenter: Dr. Sylvia Grewatsch, Assistant Professor, Brock University
View the recording and presentation. 

Who we are and who we can be: An important strategic reflection in times of disruption

Presenter: Dr. Asma Zafar, Assistant Professor, Brock University
View the recording and presentation

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Thrive not just survive crises

Presenter: Dr. Shawna Chen, Associate Professor, Brock University
View the recording and presentation.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the era of Black Lives Matter

Presenter: Dr. Gervan Fearon, President and Vice-Chancellor, Brock University
View the recording and presentation.

Brave new worlds: How Augmented Reality transforms marketing

Presenter: Dr. Joachim Scholz, Assistant Professor, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.

Boards in the Aftermath of Coronavirus

Presenter: Dr. Samir Trabelsi, Professor, Brock University
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Bridging the gap between knowledge and action to enhance organizational performance

Presenter: Dr. Madelyn Law, Associate Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.

Learning and Enabling Critical Thinking

Presenter: Dr. Tim Kenyon, Vice-President, Research, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.

COVID-19: Good Governance in Crisis or a Good Crisis for Governance?

Presenter: Dr. Samir Trabelsi, Professor, Brock University
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Understanding Distributed Leadership

Presenter: Dr. Camille Rutherford, Vice-Provost, Strategic Partnerships & International, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.

Working from Home: Insights into the New Norm

Presenter: Panel Discussion
View the recording.

Leadership Presence

Presenter: Barbara Devine, CEO & Founder of Impact and Performance
View the presentation and recording.

Managing Through the Unimaginable

Presenter: Dr. Andrew Gaudes, Dean, Goodman School of Business, Brock University
View the recording.

The Ethics of Exploiting Loopholes

Presenter: Dr. Paul Dunn, Professor, Brock University
View the presentation and recording.