As cyberattacks surge, deadline nears for Brock employees, students to join MFA

Just as an Oct 7 deadline approaches for employees and students to bolster Brock’s cyber security by registering for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a new rash of phishing scams is highlighting the urgency for collective action against a relentless threat.

In the latest phishing attacks, scammers posing as service providers contact Brock network users and seek to change specific banking information. Members of the Brock community are urged to stay alert and not engage with suspicious emails or phone calls. Report anything suspicious to

Globally, cyberattacks happen every 11 seconds, and there is a growing danger in major ransomware attacks where criminals infiltrate and lock down an organization’s entire network until a ransom is paid. Universities have increasingly become victims.

To defend against the threat, many organizations are requiring all of their system users to implement MFA log-in security. For people protected by MFA, even if someone knows your password they won’t be able to access your accounts.

So far, thousands of Brock faculty, staff and students have joined MFA. The rest need to register by Oct 7, by going to Brock’s MFA page and clicking on the tab ‘Setting Up MFA.’

Brock will require MFA in order to access Office 365, Workday, Sakai, Remote Desktop Connections, and the new Virtual Teaching Computer Labs.

Defending the University requires commitment and effort from everyone, says David Cullum, Associate Vice-President, Information Technology. He urged all Brock users to enrol with their selected authentication method as soon as possible.

“To protect both individual Brock accounts and the University’s data and systems, it is critical for all members of the Brock community to enrol in MFA as soon as possible,” said Cullum.

For more information, visit Brock’s MFA website or watch ITS’ MFA video.

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