Online learning supports available for students

Live academic assistance can now be accessed with the click of a mouse.

As students transition to online learning, many of the resources available to help with their course work have made the transition as well.

A-Z Learning Services’ drop-in, workshop and tutoring resources are now accessible through live audio or video meetings.

Maggie Whitfield, Manager of A-Z Learning Services, said the change in delivery has not hindered the efforts of her team or the students they partner with.

“A-Z Learning Services is committed to putting our students first,” she said. “Though our programs have shifted to an online format, they still offer students the same academic skills supports through drop-in, workshops and tutoring. Our support team are excited that they can continue working with students and they’ve gotten great feedback so far in their sessions. Many students have appreciated the convenience of online access and the online tools such as webcams, screen cast, chat and whiteboards.”

To further educate the Brock University community about the learning supports available to them, A-Z Learning Services will host a Virtual Open House on Thursday, March 26 from 2 to 3 p.m. Once logged in, faculty, staff and students will learn about the interactive sessions offering supports in a variety of areas, including proper referencing and quotations, essay writing and preparing for multiple-choice questions.

With so many options available, Whitfield said A-Z’s resources offer a one-stop-shop for academic assistance.

“Many students have questions as they prepare for their final assignments and exams but are uncertain about where to go,” she said. “Our A-Z team is very approachable and are trained in strategies to help students explore their own ideas, develop their own strategies and work through complex topics. They are a great resource for assignment and study strategies.”

All of the available online sessions can be accessed on ExperienceBU, where registration can be completed. Once registered, students will receive an email with a link in Microsoft Teams that will allow them to take part in any of the sessions A-Z offers.

Though the delivery method is different than the face-to-face interactions staff and students are used to, Whitfield said the positive impact partnering with her team can have remains the same.

Students who seek assistance from A-Z Learning Services not only increase their academic performance but also become part of a supportive community, said Whitfield.

To see a list of all the A-Z Learning Services resources available online, visit Experience BU.

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