Helpful tips to stay on your feet this winter

It’s a scene all too familiar: as you battle your way through the snowstorm from your car to the warmth of the indoors, you’re suddenly flat on the ground — another victim of the dreaded winter fall.

Personal clumsiness is a risk-factor all year round, but the chance of falling increases in the winter months.

Slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of injury at Brock.

“First and foremost, slow down and think about your moves and steps,” said Daniel Pozzobon, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. “You can also prevent a slip by planning ahead. Check the weather forecast the night before and give yourself extra time if snow is expected for the morning commute.”

Brian Dzubran, who is also an occupational health and safety specialist, collaborated with Pozzobon to create a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to mitigate the slips, trips and falls on campus.

“Don’t take short cuts through non-pedestrian and non-designated areas,” said Dzurban. “It may seem obvious, but a good way to prevent an injury is just to pay attention to your surroundings while walking.”

They also offer further tips to stay injury-free this season:

  • avoid texting and walking
  • don’t rush
  • keep feet planted shoulder-width apart to stay stable
  • avoid carrying big objects that limit vision
  • ditch fancy footwear and opt for appropriate winter footwear

To report unsafe, slippery conditions call Facilities Management Grounds and Customer Service at 905-688-5500 x3717. In case of urgent slip and trip circumstances outside of Brock’s regular business hours, contact Campus Security Services’ emergency line at 905-688-5550 x3200.

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