BrockU 4U offers increased support for students

The message is simple: Brock University is here for you.

A new campaign, BrockU 4U, was launched this week to offer comprehensive support to students both on and off campus.

The campaign’s first initiative will be a series of ‘Ask Me’ booths that will be set up in high-traffic areas on campus beginning Sunday during the annual Move-In Day event. Manned with trained student ambassadors ready to answer any and all questions, the booths will continue to appear in a variety of locations throughout September and January as new students transition to Brock.

Ask Me button

Trained student ambassadors wearing ‘Ask Me’ buttons will be seen around campus beginning Sunday, Sept. 3. They are trained to answer a variety of common questions asked by students.

“The ‘Ask Me’ booths are the first exciting component in a series of BrockU 4U retention initiatives aimed at strengthening the culture of caring at Brock and demonstrating to our students that, as a campus, we are here to support them,” said Tanya Bradley, Manager of Student and Community Experience. “They will also provide the opportunity to encourage new and returning students to get involved, engaged and to access available resources.” 

The campaign includes the launch of a new website,, which includes a comprehensive list of student resources organized by six main categories: academics, campus safety, finances, wellness, getting involved and life at Brock. The website is mobile friendly and will be easily accessible through the new Brock mobile app, set launch later in September.

The site will be regularly updated with more resources as feedback is gathered from the Brock community.

The various BrockU 4U initiatives provide an avenue to “reach out to students and share important supports and resources,” said Brad Clarke, Director, Student Life and Community Experience. The efforts are also about helping students to “develop a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to their Brock community,” he said.

BrockU 4U button

The BrockU 4U campaign aims to provide additional support to students both on and off campus. Its initiatives will include the following logo, which students can keep an eye out for on campus.

“BrockU 4U supports current students in a way we haven’t before,” said Sandy Howe, Associate Director, Experiential Education. Combining the app, website and trained student ambassadors, who will be on the lookout for people to assist, the campaign will bring Brock’s customer service to another level, she said.

“It’s about going beyond the basic answer and providing the most thorough and helpful response possible,” Howe said, while also “trying to identify and address the questions students may be hesitant to bring forward.

“We hope students stay on campus through to graduation because they’ve gotten consistent responses and support across the University.”

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