ARMSTRONG, AYANSO: Online shopping — Retailers seek visibility in face of Google control

Goodman School of Business faculty members Michael Armstrong and Anteneh Ayanso co-authored a piece published in The Conversation about retailers competing for visibility online.

Armstrong and Ayanso write:

Customers often find retailers online using Google. For example, type “laptop” into the wildly popular search engine, and you will quickly see web links related to laptop computers. Some of those are “sponsored links,” also known as retailer ads. Those retailers paid Google to display their links in searches for that keyword.

This sponsored search advertising is popular with retailers and provides much of Google’s revenue. The tech behemoth took in some US$24 billion in 2016 from the United States alone — about 76 per cent of the country’s search ad market.

That popularity means it’s important for online retailers to understand the advertising process. What factors help links appear first on the page? Are some retailers better at this critical competition for visibility?

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