Faculty, staff contributions support student experience

“I believe in Brock University.”

It was that simple and strong message that Ed Wall (BAcc ’99) delivered when asked why he continues to support the school through its faculty and staff campaign.

Wall, Director, Ancillary Business Operations, recently joined a group initiative, along with Brock colleagues in finance, to donate to the campaign and name the dean’s office in the new Goodman School of Business expansion.

“By giving as a group, we can make a substantial impact,” he said.

Brock faculty and staff contribute daily to the legacy of the institution and, as dedicated members of the Brock community, play an important role in enriching student experience.

Each year, faculty and staff support the University through the campaign, which ensures funds are available on an ongoing basis to provide the scholarships, programs and quality education Brock students depend on.

Staff member Poling Bork (BSc ’02, Med ’08, PhD ’16) gives back because the University has given so much to her and her family. She and her husband are both alumni and proud parents of two Brock graduates.

Asked why she chooses to support the University on an ongoing basis, Bork said she gives on behalf of her family “after everything Brock has done for us.”

She takes great pride in the education she and her family have received at Brock.

Bork has contributed to the Gord Dunkley Computer Science Entrance Award, named in honour of her colleague who passed away in 2015.

Most recently, she put her support behind Scientifically Yours, a two-day workshop hosted by Brock that encourages students in Grade 10 and 11 to continue their studies in the sciences and pursue careers in science-related fields. In 2016, 47 per cent of student participants who attended the workshop applied to Brock University.

“I have been involved in the conference for a number of years and it is something I truly believe in,” Bork said.

By making a gift of any amount to the University, faculty and staff can have an impact on the future of their department or another area of their choosing.

Every gift makes a difference.

For more information or to make a donation, visit www.brocku.ca/donate.

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