Brock hosts two-day science adventure for high school students

A two-day experience at Brock University for high school students is being expanded this year to include younger future scientists.

Scientifically Yours, a conference intended to encourage students to pursue an education and career in science will now be open to male and female students in both Grades 10 and 11 from high schools in Niagara and around the province. It had been open only to those in Grade 11 in the past.

About 80 high school students are expected to attend this year’s experience, being held Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13, where they will participate in practical activities in forensic science, biology, entomology, oenology and viticulture, human health science, nursing, chemistry, computer science, physics, math, earth sciences and psychology.

The students will have the opportunity to work with Brock University faculty, undergrad and graduate students on hands-on projects such as designing video games, measuring bone health, identifying their DNA fingerprints, working with the Nursing Department patient simulators, witnessing neuronal activity with live crickets, uncovering ancient fossils and researching the food preferences of tortoises.

This year’s plenary speaker is Dr. Amy Bowen, a Research Program Leader of Consumer Insights at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Bowen oversees the operation of Vineland’s trained sensory and consumer research panels to understand the drivers that impact consumer preference and choice for horticultural products.

Her talk takes place Thursday, May 12 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 216 of Brock University’s Academic South building.

On Friday, May 13, students will dine with scientific mentors and learn about their experiences in careers such as naturopathic medicine, nursing, risk modelling analysis and water conservation.

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