Students on Australian exchange earn scholarships

Australia’s Southern Cross University (SCU) has given special recognition to Brock University as a preferred student exchange partner, and awarded students Casey Croppo and Erin Mewburn each a $2,500 scholarship for their participation in the Brock/Southern Cross University Exchange.

This marks the fourth time Brock students have been recipients of funding made available by the Australian government.

In order to help promote Australian education and culture internationally, the Australian government has provided their educational institutions with this scholarship. While the scholarship serves the purpose of promoting Australia internationally, it has also done great things for Brock and its exchange program.

“Even though students participating in the student exchange program pay their regular tuition to Brock, the extra funding allows them to travel a little more around Australia or perhaps neighbouring countries,” said Christina Bosilo, Manager of International Learning Programs. “Not only was this good news for our students, but it was also great to have this level of commitment and recognition from one of our exchange partners.”

The involvement with SCU and the exchange program has been an amazing experience for Croppo and Mewburn. The scholarship has provided them with the freedom to explore and learn more about Australia.

“An international exchange can make students’ university experience so much more rich than it would be by remaining at their home university where they are comfortable,” said Mewburn. “The scholarship money from SCU has made the exchange more manageable monetarily and it gives me some extra travel money so that I can see more while I’m here.”

Croppo said she’s learned a lot about Australia and herself during the exchange.

“It has really helped me with my trip to Australia because it has allowed me to explore and experience the different landscapes, cultures and festivities that Australia has to offer,” she said. ”My trip has helped me become more independent and learn to involve myself in different opportunities. I have a greater appreciation for different cultures and natural environments around the world.”

Brock International Services is committed to helping students gain international experiences, working with excellent international partners abroad who share the same commitment to provide positive student experiences on a global level.

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