Syrian refugee crisis forum Wednesday

Are you interested in finding out more about the Syrian refugee crisis? Do you want to learn about ways you can help?

An open forum about the refugee crisis – initiated by Student Life and Community Experience, Brock International Services and MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies – will be held Wednesday, Oct. 21 at Brock University in room TH258 from 5-7 p.m.                      

“The aim is to bring people together who are interested in mobilizing resources across Niagara Region for social, political and economic aspects of the refugee crisis.,” said Associate Professor in the Department of Geography Ebru Ustundag, who is also with the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies.

“We are interested in community-led initiative.  We’re really interested in getting students involved.”

Associate Professor of Sociology Mary-Beth Raddon said the event is for anyone in the community concerned about the humanitarian crisis arising from the military conflict in Syria.

“This forum provides a chance to come together and talk about what we can do here at Brock,” she said. “Universities across Canada are beginning to address the refugee crisis through education and coordinated responses.”

Brock is supporting the Student Refugee Program of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), which has issued a call to action for support with a focus on getting Syrian student refugees into Canada. Fore more information click here.

The Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre has set up a strategy to try and help, including setting up a refugee assistance fund. For more information click here

“We at Brock have much to offer, such as sponsorship of student refugees, settlement support, contributing to community initiatives and advocating for political solutions to armed conflict and forced migration,” Raddon said.

She said the goal of the forum is to learn from each other, share ideas, coordinate activities and develop next steps.

Ustundag said the Syrian civil war has been going on for four years, even though it has only recently started making headlines in Canada.

“It’s a global humanitarian crisis that forced an estimated nine million refugees to flee their homes over the last four years,” she said.

More information on Refugees Welcome initiatives in Canada and St. Catharines can be found at:

 For more information on the forum, email Ustundag at

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One comment on “Syrian refugee crisis forum Wednesday”

  1. Yoshino_park says:

    Why does Brock University need to help these migrants? They aren’t refugees, most of them are healthy men aged 18-25 who should be fighting to the death for their home country, not running away.

    In any case, the syrian refugees are not our responsibility, evidence; PM Justin Trudeau pulled out our military out of middle east, because it’s not our responsibility, therefor Syrian refugees aren’t are responsibility either.

    Focus on helping people of Canada first, rather than those who aren’t a part of our nation.