Publications and Presentations, May-June 2015


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Joe Kenny, adjunct professor in the Department of Kinesiology, recently moderated a discussion at Brock about enhancing concussion management on campus. The discussion included Dr. Tim Price, Dr. Omar Khan, and Dr. Lee-Anne Facey Cowther from Brock’s Athletic Therapy Clinic.

Varsity coaches Dale Melnick and Margo Page; Melodie Schick-Porter, director of Student Health Services; Dr. Darrel Grant, director of Medical Services; and Kinesiology Prof. Gail Frost also participated.

They were joined by Dr. Chris Friesen, a clinical neuropsychologist, and Marianna Vaopolatai, certified IMPACT specialist, who shared their expertise on neurocognitive testing.

Kelly Wilson and Adele Rogano, health promoters with Public Health, also attended.

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