Presentations and publications – April and May


Rajiv Kaushik, associate professor of philosophy, presented Psyche, Nature and Sculpture in Merleau-Ponty’s Last Philosophy in April at the Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina-Asheville. The paper was about the relation of art and ontology in Merleau-Ponty’s late work.

Tek Thongpapanl, chair of marketing, international business and strategy in the Goodman School of Business, was a presenter and panelist at the 2015 Academy of Marketing Science annual conference in May in Denver, CO. The presentations were “The Influence of Online Customers’ Regulatory Fit on Their Attitude and Purchase Intention,” and “When Do Anticipated Guilt Ads Lead to Ethical Consumption? Identifying Moderating Variables from a Literature Review.” The panel discussed “Opportunities and Challenges at the Marketing-Entrepreneurship Interface,” and featured academics from Canada, the U.S., and Europe.


DuPuis, D., N. Ram, C. J. Willner, S. Karalunas, S.J. Segalowitz, & L. M. Gatzke-Kopp. (2015). Implications of ongoing neural development for the measurement of the error-related negativity in childhood. Developmental Science, 18, 452-468. DOI: 10.1111/desc. 12229

Birenbaum, M., C. DeLuca, L. Earl, M. Heritage, V. Klenowski, A. Looney, K. Smith, H. Timperley, L. Volante, & C. Wyatt-Smith. (2015). International trends in the implementation of assessment for learning: Implications for policy and practice. Policy Futures in Education, 13(1), 117-140.

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