High school science program leaders visit Brock

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science, led by academic adviser Heather Bellisario, welcomed District School Board of Niagara high school science program leaders to campus this week.

About half of the 25 teachers who attended were Brock alumni. Dean Syed Ejaz Ahmed spoke to them about the benefits of passing on their experiences at Brock to their current students to encourage them to study at Brock.

Associate Dean Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh along with Doug Bruce and Fiona Hunter from Biological Sciences, Santo D’Agostino from Physics, and Dorothy Levay and Neil Marshall from Mathematics participated in a panel discussion regarding what students need to be successful as they enter a post-secondary science program.

The panel also presented the teachers with observations of Brock science professors on the strengths and weaknesses of first-year students.

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