Personal Librarian Project launches this fall


The Personal Librarian Project includes, from left: Marcie Jacklin, Ian Gordon, Jennifer Thiessen, Colleen MacKinnon, Justine Cotton, Elizabeth Yates and Laurie Morrison.

For one student, it may be as simple as a warm welcome to the James A. Gibson Library.

For another, it may be the friendly consultation that helps her locate the best resources for an assignment.

The Personal Librarian Project (PLP) launching this fall is designed to meet a variety of needs by connecting students with liaison librarians, professionals with disciplinary expertise in library resources and research strategies.

PLPs are typically aimed at first-year students to alleviate anxiety over the library and the research process.

Following a successful pilot in 2013/2014 focused on first-year Health Sciences students, the program will be expanded to include seven liaison librarians covering 12 academic programs.

Over the fall and winter terms, librarians will be introducing students to the many resources, tools and services available through the library.

Through regular email contact, the liaison librarian will share timely research advice, unique resources, and encourage a relationship that may continue throughout the student’s time at Brock.

For more information on the Personal Librarian Project, please visit here or contact Elizabeth Yates, Liaison and Scholarly Communication Librarian.

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