Brock spring/summer registration grows 11% in 2014


Brock spring/summer registration grew 10.9% this year, the second straight with double-digit growth.

Brock University’s spring/summer courses continue to be a popular option for students.

Undergraduate course registrations increased by 10.9% in 2014, and early feedback has been very positive.

Based on responses from 1,800 students who took spring/summer courses in 2014 and who completed a student survey related to course selection and satisfaction (representing 27% of all 6,218 students invited to participate); 88% said they were at least moderately satisfied with the courses they took (13% extremely satisfied, 42% very satisfied, 33% moderately satisfied).

“The survey closed Aug. 29. We look forward to further analysis of the results as we wish to find out more about who are taking these courses, and, if we are offering the courses that students want to see offered,” said Anna Lathrop, Brock Vice Provost Teaching and Learning.

This was the second straight year of double-digit growth for Brock’s spring/summer courses. There was a 17% jump in 2013.

“In the past, our spring/summer options were fairly limited,” Lathrop said. “Our focus has historically been the fall/winter term based on the assumption that students in the summer and spring are working to pay for their education. With a range of flexible options that include accelerated, blended and online course delivery, students have greater opportunity to balance both work and study.

“The success of the 2014 spring/summer initiative speaks to Brock’s commitment to our Strategic Mandate Agreement that identifies ‘putting students first’ as a priority objective. As we look to the future, we anticipate an even greater diversity of courses and flexible delivery pedagogies across all terms in the academic year.”

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