Internal grant recipients announced for Winter 2009

Seventeen Brock researchers have been awarded a combined total of nearly $50,000 through two internal programs that help faculty advance their programs of research.

The Brock University Advancement Fund (BUAF) assists researchers with funding to complete preliminary research in preparation for a submission to an external granting agency. BUAF Research Seed Grants help faculty members develop a program of research that is innovative and worthy of funding by external research sponsors and to promote the research agenda of individual researchers and research teams. This internal award also provides modest financial support for special pursuits related to research interests – Special Purpose Grants.

The other program is the Brock SSHRC Institutional Grant (BSIG), a Research Seed Grant that helps faculty members develop a program of research that attracts funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

The recipients of the BUAF special purpose grant for manuscript preparation include May Betz, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Keri Cronin, Visual Arts.

The two recipients of the BUAF special purpose grants for travel to an international conference include Shannon Moore, Child and Youth Studies, and Carolyn Hafer, Psychology.

Research seed grants under BUAF were awarded to:

  • Adonis Skandalis, Biological Sciences
  • Garrett Hutson, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Stephen Cheung, Physcial Education and Kinesiology
  • Craig Tokuno, Physcial Education and Kinesiology

The BSIG recipients who will receive research seed grants for 2010 include:

  • Gul Ebru Ustundag, Geography
  • Renee-Claude Breitenstein, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Michelle McGinn, Education
  • Kamini Jaipal-Jamani (PI) and Candace Figg (Co-App), Education
  • Debra Harwood (PI) and Sandra Bosacki, Education
  • Shelley Griffin, Education
  • Ernest Biktimirov, Finance, Operations and Information Systems
  • Don Cyr, Finance, Operations and Information Systems
  • Dominic Lim, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship and Ethics
  • Phil Sullivan (PI) Kimberley Gammage, and Sandra Peters, Physical Education and Kinesiology

Brock Research holds two competitions each year for these internal awards, with deadlines on March 20 and Nov. 20.

For more information on internal awards, visit Brock Research on the web at

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