Introducing Colin Bruce Anthes

There’s a new face in the advising office! Colin Bruce Anthes will be temporarily advising for MIWSFPA, IASC, and GAME programs.

He can be found at the MIWSFPA campus (Room 404) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on the main compus (MCA313) Wednesday mornings.

Colin is a familiar face around Brock, as he studied both Dramatic Arts and Philosophy here. He is also currently an instructor in the Dramatic Arts program. We asked Colin a few questions about his new advising role.

Colin Anthes

Colin Anthes will be offering academic advising to students in MIWSFPA, GAME, and IASC programs.

Q: What does an Academic Advisor do?
Colin Anthes: I help students create practical roadmaps towards the education they desire. I make sure they are meeting their mandatory course requirements, while also helping them think more broadly about what kinds of courses and studies will most fulfill them, problem solving as necessary along the way. This includes helping them determine majors, combined majors, minors, and more.
I sometimes provide overrides to get students into particular courses, and work with other departments like admissions to arrange credit transfers and exemptions.
I also provide information about other departments and services that can help students achieve their goals.

Q: What does the role of Academic Advisor mean to you personally?
CA: An academic advisor is a good listener who genuinely wants each individual student to get the most out of their education. They are someone who first lets the student articulate their own concerns and desires for their studies, as well as their uncertainties. They then cater their suggestions to help that specific person build the educational experience that will most fulfill them.

Q: You are new to this role, but you’re not new to Brock. What is your connection to the Brock community?
CA: I’ve had many associations with Brock, all of them positive! After a college diploma in Theatre Performance, I undertook a combined Psychology/Dramatic Art degree with a Minor in Philosophy at Brock. Subsequently, I did my MA in the Philosophy department.
Over the past few years I’ve worked professionally as a theatre artist with a number of Brock graduates, and have worked as a teaching assistant in the Philosophy and Dramatic Art Departments.
I am currently also working as a sessional instructor in the Dramatic Art department, teaching Introduction to Performance. I’m thrilled to add academic advising to the list!

Q: What do you most look forward to in this new role?
CA: I love hearing about the different things people are interested in. To be able to help them pursue their interests is especially rewarding.

Q: Is there anything else you would like students to know about yourself or your role?
CA: Only that I truly care about education, and genuinely want each student to find the outlets that will reward them and allow them to flourish!


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