The human in humanities

Congratulations to Jamie Lupia, the winner of our first-ever Instagram contest! Jamie is a combined English and Labour Studies major. Our judge chose her image and thoughtful words about the nature of humanities to win a cozy Brock sweatshirt.

Thank you to everyone who entered–it was a difficult decision for our judge! You can see all the entries on Instagram by searching #mybrockhumanitiesmajor. We will also be featuring the entries here on the blog over the coming months.

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This picture was taken of the wetland area on the Bruce Trail head near Brock. Professor Adam Dickinson took us here on a guided tour for our creative writing class (shout out to @dalehibrant! ♡) to allow us to look at the Anthropocene – how we write on the environment and how the environment writes on us. Invasive beetles, pollution, homes, droughts, and other foreign changes are ways we have engraved ourselves onto ecosystems. Cancer, polymers in our blood, and an insect’s “D” shaped mark on a dead ash tree… these are ways the environment writes on us in response. As warnings. As reminders. Sounds bizarre, but the humanities faculty at Brock allows students to look at the world in different ways, and allows us to look at our place in a world that is not JUST ours. This picture represents the “human” in humanities. The breathing and alive part of why we do what we do.

Photo and text by Jamie Lupia.


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