Community partners

Many of our community partners provide services and learning opportunities which may be of interest to you. These partners often host events, workshops and information sessions that will help you to connect with Niagara’s Indigenous community and assist you on your journey.

Anishinabek Education Institute

The Anishinabek Education Institute is mandated by the Anishinabek General Assembly (Res 94/13), to provide quality education and training programs for First Nation Anishinabek communities. The Anishinabek Educational Institute will provide community based programming which will better prepare the student success in an ever changing world.

Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre

The Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre provides a holistic service delivery to the entire community. The approach service delivery encompasses all of the life cycles from prenatal through death. The Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre plays a pivotal role in community development, through the delivery of programs and services.

Grand River Employment and Training

Grand River Employment and Training is an Aboriginal organization specializing in Employment and Training for Onkwehon: we of Six Nations of the Grand River Terrority.

Grand River Post Secondary Office

We provide financial education assistance for students looking to continue their education at a post-secondary institution and are governed by a Board of Directors.

Métis Nation of Ontario

The value of the support for the MNO Education & Training from ASETS goes beyond education and training. Because it also provides monetary support for cultural programs, the MNO has helped to build a real sense of pride in Métis citizens. Armed with the enhanced self-confidence and strong self-esteem these programs fostered, young Métis citizens have uncovered and embraced the will and determination to live a successful life.

Niagara Chapter — Native Women

The Niagara Chapter – Native Women Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that became officially incorporated in 1983. NCNW encourages Native Women to become active participants in society while remembering and honouring our unique cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board

NPAAMB provides skills development and training opportunities for urban Aboriginal youth in southern Ontario. We attract, develop and motivate young Aboriginal talent by respecting their diverse cultural identities and working closely with the communities we serve.

Niagara Region Métis Council

To unite the Métis people and to promote the historical values, culture, language, and traditions of the Métis Nation. To secure the future of the Métis way of life through the education of our youth. To promote our Métis artisans, businesses and cultural achievements.

Niagara Regional Native Centre

At the NRNC we strive to service First Nations, Inuit, Metis and all Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island at our centre. At the NRNC we strive to service First Nations, Inuit, Metis and all Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island at our centre.

Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Indigenous peoples have the tools, knowledge and ability to make healthy choices and live free of diabetes, now and in future generations. IDHC will achieve the vision by supporting Indigenous communities, families and individuals by: Promoting holistic wellness models, Building on traditional teachings and best practices to develop and provide programs, education and resources; and Building relationships and community capacity.

Aboriginal Student Services

Niagara Holistic Wellness Portal

St. Catharines Transit

As a Brock student, a bus pass is included in your tuition & fees. Be sure to get your sticker in September and you will be able to get around the city.

Niagara Region Transit

Need to get around the Niagara Region? Get more transit info here.