Staff, students encouraged to reduce waste this week

Mike Siolkowsky and Kevin Lawr

Mike Siolkowsky, left, ITS Help Desk supervisor, and Kevin Lawr, a Central Shipping and Receiving supervisor, sort through surplus items in Mackenzie Chown G. Facilities Management is encouraging extra reuse and recycling during Waste Reduction Week Oct. 18 to 24.

Brock employees and students are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle this week as the university celebrates Waste Reduction Week.

From Oct. 18 to 24, staff is encouraged to do extra to reduce waste in their daily jobs. Waste Reduction Week is an annual event in which Brock participates every year, says Domenic Maniccia, director of Custodial Services.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” he says. “We all have to do a better job at reducing and reusing. It should be part of our everyday lives.”

Brock produced 1,821,111 kilograms of non-hazardous waste last year, 900,616 kilograms of which was recycled, 445,032 kilograms composted and 18,418 kilograms reused. That’s a diversion rate of 75 per cent, which surpasses the Ministry of Environment’s target by 15 per cent.

Those who eat in the Guernsey Market can do their part by leaving leftover food – and napkins – on their plates and trays as they put them on the conveyor belt, Maniccia said. This waste is composted.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Reduce paper use by printing on both sides
  • Use recycle paper as note pads
  • Purchase products with recycled content
  • Purchase durable products that can be repaired or reused
  • Rent items that are not used often
  • Use reusable containers and drinking bottles
  • Promote waste-free events and conferences
  • Recycle batteries and electronic equipment
  • Recycle coffee cup lids and the coffee cup itself
  • Reduce the amount of packaging you require for products
  • Subscribe to electronic news/journals
  • Say no to plastic bags; use an environmentally-friendly bag

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