Review of the Associate University Librarian, Services and Facilities

An advisory committee has been struck to conduct a five-year performance review of Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services and Facilities, based on the review process outlined in section 4 of the Faculty Handbook. Kalvee’s position is without term but is subject to review every five years.

The advisory committee members are Margaret Grove (chair), Ian Gordon, Donna Grant, Tim Ribaric, David Sharron, Tanya Sicoli, Evelyn Smith and Jennifer Thiessen.

Members of the University community are invited to make submissions in writing to the Office of the University Librarian, c/o Laura Birkett, by March 8, 2013.

No anonymous submissions will be accepted. However, all submissions will be edited to remove any information that might identify the writer before they are provided to the advisory committee for review.

Kalvee’s dossier is available for consultation in the Office of the University Librarian.

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